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Bluetooth LE Shields - Which one is best?
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Author:  frankd [ Sat Sep 26, 2015 4:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Bluetooth LE Shields - Which one is best?

Can you explain the different shields and which one would be best, here's some of the characteristics I'm looking for:
- Ease of use/programming
- Must interface directly with Arduino without modification. Let me know which Arduino board is needed for your recommended shield. I hae an old dumielove and willing to upgrade if needed.
- What are the differences between a $10 BLE shield versus a $50-60 shield? I'm willing to pay extra if there are clear advantages.
- My arduino/BLE shield will interface with an iPhone 5s app that I'm writing.
- I will be writing Arduino code to send a command to the iphone for it to transmit a fixed text message.
- The iphone will send commands to initiate the main Arduiino program.
- Need a shield that has plenty of example code for both the shield and iphone
- Would like the shield to be UART based (simpler than SPI/I2C).
- Would like a higher level interface with shield. The shield would have it's own mature firmware that doesn't need modification.
- How do your shields compare with others on the market in terms of on-line support/code/etc

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