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iBeacon not displaying correct 128bit UUID
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Author:  setake [ Thu Apr 03, 2014 1:07 pm ]
Post subject:  iBeacon not displaying correct 128bit UUID

Good morning Dr. Michael,

First off, thank you for this site, it has been an incredible resource thusfar.

I have been trying for the past day to create an iBeacon using your great example script. I am using the BLE113 dev kit.

I am running into a bit trouble here. I can get the BLE GUI to display the correct data: data:0201061aff4c000215e2c56db5dffb48d2b060d0f5a71096e000000000c

where the UUID is *supposedly*: e2c56db5-dffb-48d2-b060-d0f5a71096e0. This is the default UUID used in Apple's Airlocate sample app.

However, when I pull up the AirLocate app, it does not report or notify having an iBeacon in range, even though the BLE113 is transmitting it.

The BLExplr app actually does pick up a bluetooth signal from the module, but it is saying that the UUID is actually: 81D00C08-B2D1-E0E4-2212-F7E275FDD579.

I suspect that for some reason or another, the UUID of the module has not actually been changed. Or possibly that even though it is broadcasting that string of data originally mentioned, for some reason iBeacon is not recognizing that as a UUID or something.

Could you speak to this? I am actually quite new to this so it is possible that I am not doing a crucial step somewhere in the process. Could it be something on the back end that I am not setting up correctly?

Again, I am using your BLE11x script, and your entire project actually. Picture 1 displays the output of the BLEGUI and picture 2 is the BLExplr showing which bluetooth devices are in range.

File comment: BLExplr read out
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File comment: BLE GUI read out
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Author:  mkroll [ Sun Apr 06, 2014 12:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: iBeacon not displaying correct 128bit UUID

what you see in BLExplr is not the proximity UUID of the iBeacon, but the devices UUID.
iOS is never showing the BLE peripherals BD address, but a generated UUID.


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